The customer engagement platform for insurance

Aventus has centralised key technology functions specific to the insurance industry into one simple to use operating system for insurers and brokers.

Incorporating six core modules,
packed with insurance-specific features

1. Rapid Product Builder

Create and launch any insurance product at start up speed

  • Drive ratings based on real time data
  • Centralise all of your product lines into one platform
  • Create fully customisable and dynamic digital policy documents
  • Create products in days through our low code configuration

2. Intelligent Quoting

Use data to speed up your customer quote journey

  • Improve underwriting by pre-populating fields with more accurate 1st and 3rd party data
  • Reduce customer quoting time by only asking customers questions necessary and relevant to them

3. Flexible Premium Management

Deliver integrated and flexible payment options and manage commission breakdowns

  • Manage monthly, annual and subscription collections with our best-in-class payment providers
  • Support multiple currencies and regional or geographical tax regimes
  • Fully automated MTA, cancellations and refunds

4. Omnichannel Distribution

Connect to any wholesale or consumer interface

  • Use our API’s to easily distribute through any channel
  • Integrate quick quote widgets anywhere with one single line of code
  • Deliver a seamless online and offline experience through one single source of truth

5. Insurance CRM

Deliver a seamless customer experience across offline and online channels

  • Enhance your customer’s experience through centralising all customer, quote and claims data in one place
  • Centrally manage customer policy lifecycles including MTA’S and FNOL
  • Allow all your customers to self-serve simply with our intuitive UX
  • Access the Salesforce eco-system to create best-in-class customer experiences

6. Actionable Data Intelligence

Produce accurate reporting in real time

  • Integrate all your metrics into one single customisable dashboard
  • A/B test to optimise your campaigns
  • Minimise your risk through using actionable data to react quickly to event’s
  • Use customer data triggers to create ‘opportunity’ campaigns quickly

Driving digital change for your insurance business