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The Operating System for Insurance

Aventus has developed an operating system designed exclusively for the insurance industry. One of the key components of the platform is the Insurance CRM module that brings together Policy Administration, CRM and Customer Service.



Aventus has built an integration that provides SMB insurance companies within Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, designed for MGAs, Brokers and Insurers, a readily configured insurance operating system. Which combines a state of the art policy administration system with a market-leading CRM tool.



Empowering the
small and nimble

Large premium insurance companies can afford to employ Guidewire, Duck Creek, Accenture and Salesforce to deliver a transformational technology experience. If you are writing £5m-£200m there is a chance that you might not have the funds to deliver such projects. With Aventus and Salesforce, MGA’s and Scheme Specialists can have access to these transformational technologies at affordable prices.


Optimise Business

The Aventus operating system has been designed from the ground up with the customer at the
core enabling a customer-centric approach and when PAS is integrated with the CRM platform
the up and cross-selling of policies becomes a competitive advantage.

Customer Centricity enabled by the Aventus operating system.

Aventus has made it easy to manage the customer experience from online to offline, to upsell and cross-sell. Using multiple 1st and 3rd party data sources and leveraging quotation, policy lifecycle, and CRM insights create a joined-up data flow.

With the ability to quote within the same screen as the customer information across several lines of insurance creates a unique opportunity for agents and web sales to deliver consistent sales and reporting experience.

Out of the box

Insurance companies can benefit from the features and functionalities specifically developed for insurance that enable the business to leverage technology. Aventus does this within the Salesforce ecosystem, activating their tech stack throughout the value chain for smaller insurance companies.

Viewing and Sending Policy Documents in One Place.

The Aventus OS is built with the customer at the core and by using Insurance CRM (Policy Administration Module + Salesforce) so opening up opportunities to grow your business and save operational costs, while giving customers the best in class service.

When PAS is connected to the rest of the business functions including the CRM platform, you have a 360-degree view of the customer. No rekeying information, working in different systems is a thing of the past.

Benefit Checklist:

Customer Data and Policy Data in one place

Quote and Bind within one place

Insurance Document Generation from within Salesforce

Sending of documents to the customer from with Insurance CRM

Online to office continuity, from the web to agent without relying information

Manage opportunities and leads within the insurance CRM

Part of the marketing automation ecosystem enabling up-sell and cross


Aventus Insurance CRM enables a single view of the customer and delivers a fully functioning agent/broker facing quote and bind journey in a single system.


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