Homelyfe has reinvented the buying of home insurance, making the purchase fair and straightforward for customers. Homelyfe is running on the Aventus operating system. Homelyfe joined the Freedom portfolio enabling the group to move into the home insurance space using best of breed technology to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Homelyfe is a digital MGA offering home insurance (buildings and contents) through its website homelyfe.com. Founded on the principle that insurance should be simple, for the customer to both buy and to manage.




Simplifying the Customer Journey

The Aventus operating system enables a shortened and simpler question flow. For existing customers, Homelyfe provides the existing proposer data at the start of the home insurance question set, pre-filling many of the initial questions such as name and date of birth.

Using the risk address, Homelyfe employs an oracle* to look up property information, including property type, age and the number of bedrooms, and then pre-fill this information into the question set. Dynamic question sets only show questions that are relevant to the customer based on factors, such as the chosen cover level. By splitting the questions into pre and post-quote, Homelyfe created a dynamic customisation page. Here the customer can adjust their quote in real-time, making choices about add-ons, valuables cover and excesses.

*an oracle is a service that gathers relevant third-party data.

The customer journey is made simple and fast
Robust data sources and third-party integrations give a 360° view of customers
Enables the delivery of new insurance products to market

Intelligent Quoting

Aventus exposes a powerful Intelligent Quote API that delivers your question set to any digital environment. The interface is agnostic to the information underneath, and you are free to add or remove questions, change input types, or use preexisting oracles without any changes to the user interface code. Collaboration with distribution partners is painless. It encourages fast feedback and iterative improvements.

Faster & Easier

Homelyfe conducted research which found that customers can complete the question set in a few minutes and were impressed with the time saved by the information automatically populated for them.


Homelyfe is built on the Aventus operating system, which enables a seamless buying experience for any insurance line, in any digital environment, at start-up speed. Aventus is the digital conduit between a network of insurance providers and insurance distributors.


Both Aventus and Homelyfe are delighted to be nominated
for Awards in the 2020 Insurance Choice Scheme.


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