Helping insurance businesses

  • Maximise your revenue potential
  • Deliver modern customer experiences
  • Drive cost savings vs your current technology
  • Easily migrate from legacy systems

Maximise your revenue potential

As the insurance industry moves into a new competitive space, modern insurers will need to keep pace. Our system is designed to help you keep ahead by using joined up data flows to:

  • Identify cross sell opportunities
  • Develop new products rapidly
  • Reduce risk through better informed underwriting

Deliver modern customer experiences

Insurance doesn’t stop at customer acquisition and neither do we. Our technology enables a customer experience light years ahead of the competition through:

  • Utilising 1st & 3rd party data to deliver accurate pricing estimates without asking any questions
  • Integrating policy details into a comprehensive CRM system for improved customers support and customer journey management
  • A single customer view allowing you to create a seamless and personalised experience across offline and online channels

Drive cost savings vs your current technology

With its flexible API layer, the Aventus operating system enables digital distribution across any lines of business helping you drive greater efficiencies through:

  • One single version of the truth across all departments
  • One log in and one screen to deliver all tasks
  • Simple and consistent user interfaces

Easily migrate from legacy systems

The Aventus operating system is built on policy agnostic, low code configuration meaning we can:

  • Deliver in weeks not months with our dedicated delivery team
  • Work in partnership to create the perfect delivery plan bespoke to your needs
  • Transition simply from your legacy systems through our flexible payment programme